User account interface for electronic signature of documents


A director of the company constantly signs documents. Imagine that he does this with the help of a personal account and his electronic signature. Sometimes it is necessary to sign only 5-10 documents, sometimes there is a queue of 100-500. Some documents have a deadline for signing.

It is necessary to design two pages of a personal account - for the director and employees who send documents for signature.



To distribute a large flow of documents and easy navigation, I assigned them types and statuses.

It is logical to assume that sometimes the signature of not only the director of the company, but also someone else from the managers is required. Therefore, I made it possible to send documents for signature to several people at once and track the signing process of each of them.

When an employee uploads a document, it is given a title, a deadline for signing, and a comment (optional). After filling in the required fields and selecting recipients, the user can send the document for signature.

Accordingly, there is a certain command with which the user can interact, as well as see documents “in faces”: from the sender to the recipients. Signing progress indicators are also associated with specific persons. Thus, you can see which of the recipients has already signed the document, who has rejected, and who is delaying the process.

User account interface for electronic signature of documents
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