AltFoodConf identity and landing

In 2021, the market for plant-based alternatives will no longer be a niche story, occupying federal retail shelves and menus of well-known restaurants. Therefore, on May 11 in Sochi, the AAFPP team is holding an unparalleled event – a meeting of drivers of Russian and international food technology, manufacturers and developers of alternative food products.

AltFoodCof is the first international exhibition and conference in Russia dedicated to alternative food products


The label, like the rest of the conference style, should resonate with the AAFPP brand. Therefore, I kept the recognizable color and some details of shaping.



A couple of slides from the presentation for speeches at the conference and online broadcast of AltFoodConf.

AltFoodConf presentation design

Landing page

Лендинг AltFoodConf
Лендинг AltFoodConf
AltFoodConf landing page
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