About me

Hi there,

I’m Ekaterina Bondarenko, a UI/UX designer based in Izmir. I focus on socially significant and environmentally responsible projects.

Kate Bond

I have experience working with various projects: from NGO and eco-friendly startups to international forums with an EdTech focus. I uphold the Sustainable Development and have been choosing a vegan lifestyle since 2011.

Some of the companies I worked with included Greenwise, AAFPP, Startup Village, Forbes, Skolkovo, Kaspersky, Art Moscow Online (CHA), Veggie People, Eating Better etc.

Since 2022

UI/UX designer at Help Needed Charitable Foundation

Since 2020

Co-founder at Wake Lab digital studio


Web designer at Heroinmarketing agency 


Freelance graphic and web designer

Contact me

telegram facebook instagram linkedin me@katebond.ru

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