About me

Hi there,

I’m Ekaterina Bondarenko, a UI/UX designer based in Izmir. I focus on projects in socially and environmentally significant fields.

Kate Bond

I have experience working with various projects: from NPO and eco-friendly startups to international forums with an EdTech focus. I uphold the Sustainable Development and have been choosing a vegan lifestyle since 2011.

Some of the companies I worked with included Greenwise, AAFPP, Startup Village, Forbes, Skolkovo, Kaspersky, Art Moscow Online (CHA), Veggie People, Eating Better etc.


Freelance web and graphic designer.


Web designer at the Heroinmarketing agency.

Since 2020

Co-founder at the Wake Lab digital studio.

Since 2022

UI/UX designer at the Help Needed Charitable Foundation.