I quickly get involved in projects with values close to my heart. I love designing accessible and clear interfaces, being part of cross-functional teams, and seeing my efforts yield a tangible result.

Ekaterina Bondarenko, UX/UI designer
Ekaterina Bondarenko, UX/UI designer

UX/UI Designer

since Apr 2022

💫 I design charity projects that work for different audiences and that collect donations for different NGOs.

👩‍💻 I develop sensitive step-by-step UX processes related to the creation of charity fundraisers, events, auctions, and groups. I work with a large design system and component libraries.

📈 At the start of my work at the foundation, I redesigned “Seizing the Moment” crowdfunding platform, which is a major project of the Help Needed Charitable Foundation. Within the first month after relaunch, we received record KPIs and raised more than 11.5 million rubles for the funds. This is more than in the previous all 5 years of the project's existence.

Co-Founder, Chief UX/UI Designer

since Jan 2020

🏆 In 2021 I designed the website of Greenwise, a major producer of vegan products present on the markets of Russia, CIS, Japan and the USA. Greenwise was included in the "Forbes's Top 10 Most Successful Brands of Russia 2020". In 2022 the Greenwise website we developed won the 2nd place in "The Best Corporate Website" nomination in the Russian Drupal Awards – award among the best websites based on Drupal open source CMS in Russia.

🥑 In 2020 I designed the website for the Association of Alternative Food Products Producers (AAFPP) and its projects: AltFoodConf conference, Startup Shelf (integration with Samokat), etc. Within a couple of years, AAFPP attracted more than 100 partners and participants and became the official and only representatives of V-Label in Russia.

🐝 Since the beginning of Wake Lab studio I've been working on designs for sustainable businesses, NGOs and activist initiatives (Birds Collective, Unfamiliar Place, etc), as well as for media about sustainable and vegan lifestyles (Eating Better, Veggie People).

Lead Web Designer

Jun 2020 – Apr 2022

🤝 I mentored new designers in the team and was responsible for layout reviews. I also improved processes among cross-functional teams consisting of designers, product managers, and developers. Designers now participate in the early stages of discovery and delivery processes in partnership with product managers.

🧬 I completed a full redesign of the agency and developed its style guide. Additionally, I began working on an enterprise design system using an atomic approach in Figma.

Web Designer

Jun 2019 – Jul 2020

🚀 I designed websites and presentation materials for international projects in the fields of IT, education and digital security. Clients include: Startup Village, Kaspersky, Forbes, Skolkovo, MMSO etc. With wow effects, live streaming and sales.

🗓️ I also designed projects with a complex structure, for example, a service for selecting and renting venues for business events.


Graphic and Web Designer

Jun 2017 – Jun 2019

♻️ In 2017 I started working on designs for non-profit environmental, animal protection and vegan projects (I Don't Eat Anyone, Clean Yekaterinburg, Veggie People, VeganFest, etc) as well as for some production studios with a focus on inclusivity.


Jun 2016 – Dec 2018

✏️ I used to write articles for the first Russian-language blog about vegan marketing, catering to a highly niche audience. It was an exclusive and intriguing project for me, considering my personal interest and studies in the field of marketing vegan products and initiatives. Although I didn't monetize it, I just enjoyed the experience.

🙌 In 2016, I joined forces with my partner, a developer, to embark on an activist project. Through our collaborative efforts, we refined the concept and created Veggie People, an information resource that stands unparalleled in the Russian-speaking online landscape.


Russian — C2
English — B1



  • UX/UI design
  • UX research
  • JTBD
  • Agile
  • UX writing
  • Accessibility
  • Atomic design
  • Mobile apps
  • Infographic
  • Data visualization
  • Communication design


  • Sustainable development
  • Science popularization
  • Animal protection
  • Human rights
  • Veganism
  • Charity
  • Sex education
  • CleanTech
  • EdTech
  • FemTech
  • FoodTech
  • Eco education


I have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design (Ural Federal University, 2018). During my studies I developed two major projects in the Clean Technology field and successfully defended them. I continue to learn on my own, focusing on UX/UI.