Charity campaign "One for All"

In the fall of 2023, I designed the "One for All" charity campaign. This is the first campaign of the Help Needed Charitable Foundation, where you don't have to choose a foundation to participate in charity. Users only have to choose the area of help they want to support, and then we share the donation equally among the foundations that work in that area.

Дизайн акции Один для всех

What we've achieved

🫂 We have started a new mechanics. Previously, a user could only donate to one fund, but now a user can support a whole category of funds.

🐣 We supported small foundations. Along with well-known foundations, small regional NGOs, which have much less chance to raise funds through other campaigns, have also started to be supported.

🕵🏻‍️ We segmented donors by donation areas in order to send mailings to relevant categories of aid.

💸 We added the option to cover payment system fees, and it’s a success: 81% of users choose to be covered.

🤙 We achieved self-organization in the team. Many specialists worked on the campaign, everyone was involved in solving issues and organized meetings on their own.

Already in the first month, the campaign raised 518 957 rubles from 627 donors for 745 foundations. Of these, 213 794 rubles were monthly donations.

And all this happened in rather difficult times against the background of a sharp decline in the participation of Russians in charity.

Дизайн иконок для акции Один для всех

We have divided the funds into 9 categories of assistance: children, poor and homeless, seriously ill, elderly, victims of violence, homeless animals, nature and wildlife, cultural development, science and community development.

Направления помощи в акции Один для всех

Donation form

We implemented an updated payment form for donations collection, made it easier and clearer by breaking it down into sequential steps, and added the ability to cover the payment system’s commission.

Through the new form, 81% of users choose to cover the payment system’s commission voluntarily. In this way, 100% of the total amount goes to the funds.

Форма для сбора пожертвований на акции Один для всех

Modal windows

Information about to whom the help is directed, lists of funds and donations — all this is posted in a modal window by clicking on "learn more" for each of the 9 directions of help. Similar modal windows are provided for information about the campaign and answers to FAQs.

Модальные окна акции Один для всех

Icons and color coding

I picked a color and illustrations for each category of help. The color of the category is used in the description block, in the donation form and in the link to the corresponding category. Semantic icons were drawn by illustrator Masha Kopylova.

Иконки и цвета акции Один для всех
Иконки и цвета акции Один для всех