Charity Auctions at “Seizing the Moment” Crowdfunding Platform

In June 2023, Help Needed Charitable Foundation launched a new fundraising mechanism: charity auctions. Now, anyone can offer an item for auction and the proceeds will go to a charity of their choice. This is a new way to support charities that combines excitement and reward.

Дизайн аукционов на «Пользуясь случаем»

A charity auction item can be anything: a subscription to a course, a set of stickers, a guitar master class or a collection of cacti. All these things acquire value and turn into concrete stories of help. That's why it was so important to position this project as "auctions for everyone," not just for philanthropists with big money.

In this way, people's memorabilia, skills, ideas, and hobbies become support for important charitable initiatives for them.

Between June and December 2023, more than a hundred auctions have already been organized on the platform. In the most successful of them, the helmet with autographs of hackers was raffled off for 150 000 rubles in favor of the I Believe in Miracle Foundation.

When designing the charity auctions, I kept the playful mood of the mother project, "Seizing the Moment", and introduced some unique styling elements.

Дизайн главной страницы аукционов на «Пользуясь случаем»

Participation in a charity auction

It is as easy to participate in auctions on the platform as it is to create them. A user can:

🔎 Save interesting auctions to "favorites", as well as find lots through a word search. I have thought over filters by the size of the bid, by region of work and by the problem solved by the fund in favor of which the auction is created.

⬆️ To make a bid, raising it by at least 1 step, which is marked by the author of the auction, or directly redeem the lot (if the author has set the amount of redemption). Also, the user can donate the amount of their bid voluntarily even if they don't win.

🥇 At the end of the auction, a winner is automatically appointed: the lot goes to the highest bidder, and the amount is transferred to the fund in favor of which the auction was created.

Дизайн аукционов на «Пользуясь случаем»

Creating a charity auction

Any authorized user can create a charity auction on the platform. To do this you need to:

🖼️ Upload up to 5 photos of the lot and add a text description.

🫶 Select a charity fund to which the proceeds will be sent.

⏳ Set the end date and time (the auction can last a couple of hours, a few weeks or even months).

💸 Designate the starting bid and (if you wish) the amount of the lot redemption, as well as the step, i.e. the minimum sum by which the bids in the auction will be raised.

👀 Customize the privacy of the auction: it can be available to everyone or only by link.

Форма создания аукциона на Пользуясь случаем

Bid and redemption form

Форма для ставки и выкупа лота