Birds Collective logo and website

The non-profit organization Birds Collective is a collective of activists who have been working on projects in the field of animal protection and civil society development since 2012. The collective collaborates with initiatives that fight xenophobia and discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race, age and so on.

In 2022, we at Wake Lab Studio designed a logo and website through which activists can officially announce themselves, share projects in a portfolio and blog posts.

Berds Collective дизайн сайта на экранах смартфона


An important request from the team was to respect the given mood, which the team uses in communication, based on the semantics of softness and ethics. In addition, the logo should consist of two images: a chicken as a symbol of animal protection and promotion of veganism, and a swallow as a symbol of the socially-oriented activities of the team.

Birds Collective дизайн логотипа

Together with the team, we researched several options among their target audience and came up with a final logo with clearly readable imagery.

Birds Collective logo design


In developing the site we have provided:

🤝 Two project sections — for animals and for people — with separate indexed pages for each project.

📢 A blog section with separate indexed pages for each blog entry, so that the team can publish all news about themselves in one place.

🔎 Global site search, which retrieves the components of the project and blog sections.

👩‍💻 Insert social network widgets and interactive maps into the description of a project or blog post.

🧡 A page with all possible ways to support the team.

🇬🇧🇷🇺 Multilanguage.

Birds Collective дизайн сайта. Главная страница и страница блога
Birds Collective дизайн сайта. Страницы с проектами и способами поддержки