Greenwise vegan food brand website

In 2021, we at Wake Lab developed the official website of plant-based alternatives producer Greenwise.

Greenwise is a major producer of vegan products represented on the markets of Russia, CIS, Japan and the USA

It was important not to deviate from the set style and marketing positioning of Greenwise as a modern and progressive brand, and at the same time to make the site relevant for both B2C and B2B. Because in addition to products, Greenwise offers other market players ingredients and technological solutions to create their own plant-based alternatives.

That's why we have provided:

🛒 A product catalog for potential customers with separate indexed pages for each product.

🌾 Ingredient catalog for potential business partners with separate indexed pages for each ingredient.

📢 A blog section, as well as links and clippings of major media quotes so that Greenwise's PR department collects everything about the company in one handy place.

🔎 A global site search that renders the components of the products, ingredients and blog section.

📍 Interactive map with points of sale around the world, searchable by store name or address.

🇬🇧🇷🇺 Multilingual.

Greenwise was included in the "Forbes's Top 10 Most Successful Brands of Russia 2020". In 2022 the Greenwise website we developed won the 2nd place in "The Best Corporate Website" nomination in the Russian Drupal Awards – award among the best websites based on Drupal open source CMS in Russia.

Дизайн главной страницы Greenwise

Product catalog

Products in the catalog are grouped into several categories: strips, jerky, frozen foods, etc. Each product has its own indexed page with a photo, description and information about points of sale. Optionally, the page can include a cooking method, a section with video recipes, and flavor switching buttons.

Каталог продуктов и страница продукта Greenwise

Ingredient catalog

Similar to the product catalog, the ingredient catalog is also divided into relevant categories. Each ingredient has its own indexed page with photo, description of properties and order form.

Каталог ингредиентов и страница ингредиента Greenwise

Company page and point-of-sale map

Страница о компании и карта точек продаж Greenwise
Цвета и шрифты Greenwise
GW Russian Drupal Awards